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Anderson University Scholarship Opportunity

for Tipton High School Seniors, provided by The Williams Family in honor of Bob Williams


This scholarship is in honor of Bob Williams, a long-time Tipton County resident and supporter of the Boys and Girls
Club of Tipton County.  Bob was committed to the community and thoroughly enjoyed coaching and helping to
develop young students and athletes.  Bob valued the importance of education and was proud that his three children
completed their Bachelor’s Degrees.  Bob and his wife, Donna, loved watching their children and grandchildren
challenge themselves through educational accomplishments, sports and extra-curricular activities.  The scholarship is
designed to provide assistance with educational expenses for a Tipton County resident who is planning to attend
Anderson University and has been affiliated with the Boys and Girls Club of Tipton County.  Anderson University
provides a liberal arts education that is designed to grow the student and help develop their path to “discovering who
they are meant to be”.  Students are exposed to a variety of educational paths and are encouraged to see how they
can make the world a better place.  With a degree from Anderson University, there is no limit to who the student can
become.  This scholarship is a $5,000 grant given to an AU Freshman, starting in the Fall of 2023.  This grant would be given annually for an additional three years, totaling $20,000.

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Brittni Johnson

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