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Typically Mon-Fri: 9a-5p

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who we are

The Boys & Girls Club of Tipton County believes every young person deserves to live a life filled with hope and opportunity. Because we care about our young people, we provide a safe, educational and positive atmosphere where they can prosper and reach their full potential.


When the school bell rings for the end of the day, many Tipton youth are left with few options for positive after-school activities. Some are at home with no adult care or supervision, not because they do not have great caretakers, but because caretakers must work long hours to support their families. Young people need to know that someone cares when guardians cannot be there.

The Boys & Girls Club offers that and more. Club programs and services help youth understand they matter. 

The Club is a safe place to learn and grow – all while having fun. It is a place where Great Futures are started each and every day.

Our mission

To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.

Our Promise

To prove every kid has what it takes


Academic Success

Every person has strengths and gaps when it comes to learning—and it’s our job to help kids figure out where their greatest potential lies. Whether through tutoring and homework help, access to technology, college- and career-readiness programs or skills development, Clubs have an outstanding track record of helping young people make academic strides. 

Good Character and Citizenship

As youth are taught to be productive, caring, responsible citizens through high-quality programs and staff who model good behavior, they are more likely to carry these values with them when they leave the Club. In addition to fostering accountability, we also help young people develop leadership skills, a sense of civic duty and an understanding of the value of giving back to their community.

Healthy Lifestyles

In the important hours between when school gets out and dinner is served, we have an obligation to make sure the kids and teens who spend this time with us are achieving social, emotional and physical wellness. From building self-esteem and confidence to providing healthy snacks and activities, Clubs offer a breadth of ways that kids can develop healthy habits for life.

Commitment to Safety

We work every day to create a safe, fun environment where kids can pursue academic success, good character and citizenship, and a healthy lifestyle – all under the guidance of caring, trained, trustworthy adult leaders.

America’s young people deserve nothing less than our constant focus on their safety and our firm commitment to protect every child who is entrusted to our care.


Committed to providing a high-quality Club Experience for every child, facilitated by caring, trained professionals who understand what it takes to be a voice for young people and draw out their best.

Executive Director
Unit Director
Program Director
Teen Coordinator
Administrative Assistant
Outcomes Coordinator
Director of Development
Preschool Coordinator
Tri-Central Site Coordinator

Board of Directors


  • Rob Cochrane, President
  • Ken Ehman, Vice President


  • Jim Ankrum
  • Cristi Boyer
  • Bryan Elston
  • Ryan Huderle
  • Miranda Silvey


  • Andrea Campbell
  • Nick Cox
  • Tarah Hoover
  • Kelli Lightfoot
  • Kelly Williams
  • Summer Sherer


  • Jeff Hoover
  • Christy Conaway

Youth Development Professionals

  • Miley Barnes
  • Meg Bates
  • Drake Boyer
  • Julie Calvin
  • Bella Capes
  • Hannah Comstock
  • Miriam Cowan
  • Madelin Cox
  • Rachel Dane
  • Lilli Griffith
  • Gavin Grismore
  • Addy Harpel
  • Julie Hilligos, TC
  • Elle Hufhand
  • Katy Johnson, TC
  • Rowan Maddox
  • Claire Orcutt
  • Alexis Plake
  • Lia Plake
  • Andrew Powell
  • Sam Rinehart
  • Owen Sonnier
  • Jenna Tolle, TC
  • Brayden Vandergriff