2019-2020 Yearly Calendar

K-5 Calendar

Torch Club: character, service, and leadership program for members 4th-6th grades

STEM: projects and experiences in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and/or mathematics designed to enhance members’ understanding of the world around them.

Stand Up Crew: an anti-bullying program designed to help members identify and challenge bullying behaviors of others through positive relationships and peer support.

Resolutions: a conflict resolution program designed to focus on identifying triggers and establish age appropriate ways to handle conflict with peers, adults, and self.  

Kids4Kindness: a program designed around teaching members the importance of being a kind and positive influence in their Community, School, Club, and Home.          

Girls Only: Each week will be an activity for girls only- encouraging positive choices, promoting positive self-image, and building relationships.

Guys Only: Each week will be an activity for guys only- encouraging positive choices, promoting positive self-image, and building relationships.

Crafty Corner: a simple arts/craft program will be offered each week.

YouTubers: a program designed to allow members to express themselves, address specific needs around the Club, or just have fun on camera. The content is selected weekly by a staff member. ***Follow us on YouTube – Nothing 2 Do***

Reading Room: time and space provided for members to read silently, read together, or listen to a book for points and prizes.

K-2 & 3-5: Staff will be available in the Homework Rooms from 3:10p-5:30p, Monday – Thursday.

Teens: Dedicated space in the Teen Room will be provided from 3:45p-4:15p, Monday – Thursday; Teen Members may work on homework any time between 3:45p-5:30p.

The Club provides space for the members to complete their homework, and a staff member is available to assist if the member advocates a need. As with all programs at the Club, staff can encourage members to take advantage of this opportunity, but staff cannot require a member’s participation.

The Gym is open 3:45p-5:30p, Monday – Friday. The space is supervised by staff members at all times. Staff members facilitate physical activities that engage the members in healthy lifestyles, teach sportsmanship, and provide opportunities for relationship building.

 “Sportsman of the Week”: a member who was selected by staff based on his or her outstanding teamwork, leadership, positive interactions, and overall character from the previous week picks the game on Monday.

*Opportunities for “Free Gym” are announced to the members once the scheduled program is completed.

The Computer Cart, also known as “Cart on Wheels” (COW) is used throughout the week for various programming opportunities.

Members have access to the COW for independent electronic play when scheduled programs for the day are complete and if a staff member is available to supervise. The Club has a Technology Agreement Policy that must be signed off on by member and parent in order for the member to participate in independent electronic play.

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